About Us

Medicine professional guardian for your health

Fu Hwa Industry Corp. was established in 1996, Cheng Ruei Heng Corp. is an affiliated enterprise of Fu Hwa Industry Corp. , Cheng Ruei Heng Corp. was established in 2007, mainly engaged in pharmaceutical agents and distribution business agent of foreign well-known pharmaceutical company with patents, business objects for the Medical Center and area hospitals, clinics, pharmacy stores, our company is one of the few with excellent management team pharmaceutical marketing company, more than seventeen years, we uphold the "sustainable" business philosophy to pursue long-term and steady growth in the industry has established a leading reputation and vast market for domestic manufacturers of merit, "Integrity", "professional" and "hard" as the company's three convictions. From 2007, we expand business areas, adding medical suppliers and medical cosmetic products in order to expand the existing market full of business expansion, and look forward to the power of a small screw to enhance people in the health, quality of care to make contribution in Taiwan.

Our company is the strength of strong sales company, sales experience for young people to challenge the perfect business platform for the humane management personnel in a healthy and stable environment to grow, improve the welfare system so that people no worries, looking forward to this in Taiwan piece of land sown some seeds, and carefully choose talents, provide employment opportunities for training, people who have encountered the vanguard of society, character is manifested in the great moments, but it is an important moment in the formation of independent. Therefore, the cultivation of character who is the focus of the first training, so that people can become self-confident and have leadership ability and to realize their dreams here.